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Director Jonathan C Martir dilivered his inspirational message

Director Jonathan C Martir gave his inspirational message to the newly graduates of CPQC Batch 1 held at GA Firing Range.

Ready...Aim... Fire.

Shoot. . . Bull's eye. 

Instructors from the Philippine Marine Corps who shared their expertise in the Government Arsenal .

The graduates of CPQC Class 01-2010

Prone position
Upon the initiative of Director MGEN Jonathan C Martir AFP(RET), the Government Arsenal (GA) held its Combat Pistol Qualification Course Class 01-2010 inside the GA Firing Range on May 4-28, 2010. The instructors for the course were TSG Edwin C. Aclera PN(M), TSG John A Costales PN(M), and SSG Salvador B Banaria Jr PN(M) from the Philippine Marine Corps Training Center. Participants for Batch 1 were 25 organic personnel from the Government Arsenal Security Office (GASO) and military personnel from the 3rd MP Coy which included their Officers, Major Roberto B Sarmiento PA and Cpt Eduardo M Zafra PA, respectively.

The course objectives are as follows:

a. To train and develop special detailed personnel with advance shooting skills for self-defense and VIP security using Pistol Cal .45;

b. To introduce to the students a brief background of the Combat Pistol Qualification Course (CPQC) and teach them on the basic handgun techniques, safety, maintenance, Pistol marksmanship, range regulations, and international shooting confederation rules and principles;

c. To introduce to the students the Draw and Fire techniques, various prone and kneeling positions, speed reloading and strong and weak hand shooting; and

d. To teach the students the advance shooting techniques in
standard basic courses, speed shooting courses, field assault courses, man versus man situation, and team versus team situation.

The closing program was held on May 25, 2010 which was highlighted byDirector Martir awarded certification of merit to the CPQC participant demo shooting competition between the MP and GASO teams, with the MP team emerging as winner, and giving of certificates of course completion to the participants, as well as Certificates of Appreciation to the Instructors.

The programmed culminated with the message from MGEN JONATHAN C MARTIR AFP(Ret), the incumbent Director of GA, where he emphasized the need to enhance the proficiency and confidence of members of the Arsenal security force and civilian personnel as well, through conduct of this course. Those who were trained can in return, pass on their knowledge and skills to others. The Director announced that there will be succeeding batches after CPQC Class 01-2010 to give the same opportunity to other personnel and executives of GA.

Administrative support was rendered by the Training and Career Development Section headed by Ms. Hiyasmin O. Karunungan. [TLV]