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Ammunition operator

Ammunition operator operates a 5.56mm 10-Station Manurhin Bullet Assembly, Canneluring and Diameter Sizing on a single machine.


Three-legged anvil ready to be placed on a primer cups.

Machine with visual operator

This machine was manned by a visual operator who checks each cartridge manually.


       Production Lines.  The present manufacturing capability of the GA is inherent in its two existing lines -  the GATLO or RIFLE line and the GAPAT-GABIN or PISTOL Line – which originally make possible the integrated production of three (3) caliber types – Cal .30M2, Cal .30M1 and Cal .45 M1911 cases, bullets, primers and propellant powders for final assembly into finished ammunition.

Product lines of GA       Product Lines. Soon it was diversified into four (4) other types of ammunition, namely:  7.62mm M80, 5.56mm M193, Cal .38 Special, and 9mm Parabellum. Presently, only four (4) types are being produced, the 7.62mm M80, 5.56mm M193, Cal .45 M1911, and 9mm Parabellum ammunition which are ascertained, prior to delivery, to be safe, reliable and accurate in conformity to U.S. Military Standards.

       Manufacturing Plants. The GA has four (4) major production plants, namely:

  •  The Case & Bullet Plant  -  which manufactures cases and bullets.

  • The Primer Plant – which manufactures boxer primers.

  •  The Propellant Plant – which manufactures propellant powders.

  •  The Cartridge Assembly Plant – which loads and assembles the different components into finished cartridges.

Support Facilities. To support its production lines, the GA is equipped with the following facilities in addition to power and water utilities, a three-level communications system, an industrial safety/security network and several welfare service facilities that include a 25-bed secondary hospital:

  • Machine Shop - for fabrication of punches, dies, gages and machine parts.

  • Metallic Link Belt Shop  - for manufacture of metal links for cartridge linkage.

  • Metrology Laboratory - for calibration of tooling, gages and other measuring devices 

  • Carpentry Shop - for the fabrication of wooden boxes for ammo packaging.

  • Proof House - for ballistics-test of in-process and finished products.

  • Physical & Chemical Lab - for inspection-test of metallic raw materials, chemicals, components and finished products.